Welcome to the GC Grapevine

“The GC Grapevine” was first rolled out on May 25, 2011. In the first Letter From The Editors, we announced the publication as “a concept brought about by popular demand from leading lawyers yearning for sector specific information from their peers and a forum where they can contribute some know-how themselves [..]to share their experiences, triumphs, best practices and challenges, all within the General Counsel’s world”.

Powered by Legalis Global, a premier global legal recruiting firm, GCG remains focused on its promise to provide a forum for counsel across industries worldwide. With a readership of over 4,000 lawyers (online), the GCG offers attorneys the opportunity to provide a snapshot of their markets as seen through the lens of the ever-dynamic global legal market. As a reporting voice for top international firms and companies, we offer fluent market knowledge paired with in-depth interviews with attorneys who are paving the road in their markets. To that end, we would like to invite Partners and General Counsels to join in the discussion.

Your partner in legal reporting,

Julia Foresman
Managing Editor