unknownDentons has opened the firm’s anticipated Warsaw support hub, which was first announced in May. The support center is a joint initiative between the firm’s UK, Middle East, Africa and Europe arms aimed at consolidating business support functions and culling back office costs.

While it was initially thought that a business consultation on the launch would likely result in at least 50 job cuts in the United Kingdom, the firm now anticipates that only half that number are likely to be affected.

The Warsaw center is launching with 70 staff across development, marketing, human resources and IT. At the helm is Piotr Macieja, who joined Dentons from professional services firm TMF earlier this year. Global chairman Joe Andrew believes that the Warsaw launch is a major milestone in the megafirm’s push towards global integration.

“Dentons now has a presence in 58 countries. It is important for us to focus on delivering a seamless one-firm experience to the increasing number of clients who instruct us across multiple offices and regions,” Macieja said in a statement.