Czech Parliament

Czech Parliament

Czech-based law firm Bříza & Trubač has provided an English translation of the Act on Private International Law (No. 91/2012 Coll.).

Apart from automated (machine) translations, the firm claims that this is the best, first, publicly available (and perhaps first ever) translation of this law.


The law governs legal relations with a foreign (cross-border) element. The Act, which was recently passed by the Czech Parliament stipulates that in relations with a cross-border element:

a) the law of which state shall govern private-law relations including the application of other laws than the designated applicable law.

b) legal status of foreigners and foreign legal entities in private-law relations.

c) jurisdiction and procedures of courts and other authorities when dealing with relations referred to under a) and b), and taking decisions concerning such relations including steps taken in the proceedings provided the cross-border element is present only in the proceedings themselves.

d) recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments.

e) judicial cooperation in communication with foreign states.

f) certain matters related to insolvency.

g) certain matters related to arbitral affairs.

The full text of the Act in English is available here.