HR and business development specialists gathered in Bucahrest in January for the `Legalis `HR rountable focused on benefits.

Legalis Global is proud to announce that the Legal HR Roundtable for Romanian law firm HR and BD specialists took place Jan. 17 in Bucharest and was hosted by Wolf Theiss.

Participants came from leading law-firms such as Wolf Theiss, Schoenherr, DLA Piper, Voicu Filipescu Tuca Zbarcea si Asociatii and Reff and associates. The discussion was built around the topic of benefits. A major highlight was on understanding benefits — what lawyers at different levels of seniority and hierarchy perceive as benefits, the general consensus being that there is a lack of understanding between employers and employees.

All the participants agreed that more personalized benefit packages have to be offered and lawyers should be educated on why benefits are offered and how to earn them. The next two roundtables will be held in April and hosted by Legalis partner law firms in Bucharest and Budapest.

Topics to be discussed: ■ Best practices in regards to lawyer retention ■ Best practices in regards to hiring junior attorneys based on academic performance and personality ■ How to fire poor performers or is it worth coaching them to fit the tasks better? ■ Full-time, part-time employees or contracted?